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Las Vegas Nightlife


The House of Blues Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay is one of the most exclusive clubs in Vegas.

Accessible only by a private elevator, the Foundation Room is located on top of the hotel. An outdoor balcony offers breathtaking views of the Strip and the eastern Las Vegas valley.

Designed with dark colors, fabrics and authentic artifacts from India, Ireland, England and other countries, the Foundation Room has an exotic, mysterious ambience. There is a fireplace in the lounge surrounded by comfortable sofas — a perfect place for conversation or relaxation.

The Foundation Room also features a variety of private prayer rooms, a media screening room and several bars.

On weekend there are different DJs in the lounge, the dining room area and the Shangri-La Room, so you can choose between hip-hop, house and retro dance music, depending on your mood.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy one of Vegas’ most exclusive nightspots from a truly unique vantage point.


Located just steps inside the Rio’s front entrance next to the registration desk, iBar is a lively gathering place. With views of the action occurring on the gaming floor, it’s something of a casino bar-meets-ultra lounge that draws a stylish cross section of visitors.

A watering hole in the round, iBar boasts swanky and sensual décor aesthetics. You’ll likely be lured in by the giant fiber optic, color-changing sculpture that stretches toward the ceiling. Centrally positioned, the bar is encircled by an elegant countertop with inlaid stones and short white pod-style chairs. The flooring consists of dark wood. Sofa-style seating wraps around the outer perimeter, while a mix of interesting chairs and tables fashioned from unique materials — like split logs — dot the interior space.

On two sides of iBar, there are raised circular platforms to showcase the cocktail waitresses who perform choreographed numbers at regular intervals throughout the evening. These sexy ladies are dressed so scantily that some guests will swear their uniforms are see-through (but they aren’t!).

There’s also a setup at the front of iBar for the VJs who spin tunes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9 p.m. The videos, which span a wide array of music genres, play on the 18 screens that surround the bar. When the VJs aren’t on hand, football games and other sporting events are shown instead.

As if all of that’s not enough, flair bartenders add to the vibe. They’ll throw together your favorite drink or one of several seductive specialty cocktails. Naughty Intentions is the most ordered concoction at iBar — usually by women who come in to imbibe before going to see the Chippendales male dance troupe. It’s made with Skyy Infusions Raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, sour mix, fresh raspberries and a splash of Sierra Mist. Another popular choice is a drink called Darkness, blended together from Effen Black Cherry vodka, lime juice, fresh blackberries and Sierra Mist. You’ll also find a selection of wines, Champagnes and beers (everything from Coors Light to Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada) on the menu.

If you’re in search of a hip place to drink, listen to high-energy music and check out stunning women, iBar is the answer to your nightlife prayers.


The stunning Ghostbar feels as if it’s hovering over Vegas, keeping itself far apart from the whirling chaos below. Located high upon the 55th floor of the swanky Palms, this cutting edge club boasts an unbelievable view of the glittering Strip and much of the Las Vegas valley.

But truly, Ghostbar offers more than a spectacular view — it’s an absolutely fun and super-hip place to chill in style, enjoy a cocktail and listen to some great rock and hip-hop music. The room is a model of geometry and design. It is decked out with Murano-style chandeliers, plush banquettes and porcelain tile flooring. And the savvy clientele lounging there is as cool as the decor.

Not only does Ghostbar offer a sweeping 180-degree vantage point from its sheer windows, but you can head outside onto the spacious patio to enjoy an even wider view and the Vegas night air. The patio area extends straight out the front of the club and there are two bars on either side. There are a few spots to sit outside, but the crowd mostly comes to stand, mix and mingle.

You’ll feel totally in touch with Vegas’ slick vibe when you’re standing on the transparent glass section of Ghostbar’s patio, looking straight down to the pool area hundreds of feet below. It’s vertigo in the very best sense. It’s thrilling. Warning: if you’re afraid of heights, you might choose to indulge in one of Ghostbar’s cocktails before you try this.

Ghostbar is a small, intimate club and it’s immensely popular with the 20- and 30-something crowds. Get there early or buy a nightclub line pass if you don’t want to wait for your chance to chill.


Waiting in line to start the night at the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub, it might seem like the party is going on below you. From the frantic beeping of slot machines to the roving fun of Masquerade Village that’s taking place just over the railing, it’s an easy mistake to make.

But the great part about VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub is that the party is actually above you, 51 stories up, in a place not visible just yet. And any celebration going on around a video poker machine basically pales in comparison.

After making it through the line (or skipping it with a pass), the party-hungry masses are sent to two elevators in a dimly-lit (except for black lights) lobby. Since VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub is still one of the more hopping clubs in town and the elevators are making a trek to the top of the building, there’s usually a little bit of a wait. The best use of this time is probably to check out the menus for VooDoo Steak — the restaurant one floor below the lounge — that adorn the walls. At the very least, it’ll provide some ideas for tomorrow’s dinner.

Once inside the elevator, try and grab a spot against the glass and watch the bright lights of the city grow tinier as the elevator climbs the side of the building. If you don’t get a spot (or you’re not tall enough to see over heads and hair-dos), take a minute to listen to the squeals and gasps coming from people that did. With the right group, even the elevator ride is a good time.

Following an elevator ride rivaled only by the diagonal ones at the Luxor, the club’s secrets are unfurled slowly. A short walk through dark halls lit up by black-light voodoo drawings and you’re in the club. A short walk through some doors and you’re outside — still 51 stories up.

Although the inside of the club is nice — the bar is lit by candle decorations that give an air of potion-making to whatever the bartenders (who are pretty handy with a bottle — just ask) are concocting — it’s the outside that sets VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub apart.

An unmatched view of Las Vegas — hotels, houses, the whole thing — surrounds the patio and on beautiful summer nights it’s pretty hard to beat sitting on one of the VIP couches at the club, taking in the city.

A giant, 40-ton staircase connects the 50 and 51st floors (the restaurant and lounge, respectively) and climbing it puts you face-to-face with some of the club’s go-go dancers and more than a few folks snapping their newest Facebook picture.

If the view isn’t enough to keep things interesting for the night — or you’re a little afraid of heights – there’s also an outdoor bar, a DJ spinning hip-hop and Top 40 and a token stripper pole to liven things up.

Back inside, there’s space for a live band to perform and a few more VIP couches.

There’s not a large space in the club dedicated just to the dance floor, but it works out. People dance on the patio. People dance in their booths. People dance on any square of floor they can eek out. Basically, people dance.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub has been around for a little while and has built up a following with a few different age groups. It doesn’t seem to skew so heavily in one direction that anyone feels alienated or uncomfortable. It’s also not solely large-group central. It’s just as easy to spot a couple sharing a quiet smooch on the patio as it is to find a group of raucous 30-somethings in town to celebrate a bachelorette party.

Whatever ingredients are thrown into a night at the club, they always seem to mix up to a good time, and whether you like it shaken, stirred or 51 stories up, it’s not hard to fall under VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub’s spell.


Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas evokes classic French style with a dose of modern flair throughout its two stories, offering a sophisticated and chic nightlife experience with enough variety to appeal to everyone.

The venue features a high-energy nightclub. As guests enter Chateau Nightclub, they’ll catch the details and design elements inspired by classic French architecture, including plenty of mirrored and polished surfaces that work well with the club lighting.

The dance floor features vaulted ceilings, elegant chandeliers and an elevated DJ booth, which has an old-world style that contrasts and looks particularly cool when playing host to DJs and their turntables. The bars located throughout the expansive venue offer a variety of classic and specialty cocktails.

A brief elevator ride up further enhances the experience and gives another nightlife option, Chateau Gardens, for guests who are looking for something more than a bar and dance floor.

Situated directly beneath Paris Las Vegas’ iconic replica of the Eiffel Tower and overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard, the garden-like setting features oversized cabanas that showcase some particularly great views. This area also offers a full nightclub experience under the stars with an exciting rooftop dance floor, high-energy lighting and music and VIP bottle service.

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